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What is Our Truths Network?

Our Truths Network is that sit-down conversation with your girls over wine or coffee, where you are free to laugh, cry, scream, and plan, all at the same time. 

Our goal is simple: to provide a safe space where you can be your most authentic self and expand your network of Black women who stand at the ready to share knowledge, expertise, understanding, and most of all, Our Truths.

It is where we can share our thoughts, questions, resources, and opportunities.  It is your safe, judgment-free space to be yourself and talk about whatever is on your mind.  From brunch, sex, or career advice to the latest joke, a wine recommendation, or a place to rant about the latest antics of a "Karen" in your life...we talk about all that and more. This is where you can be you and interact with other like-minded Black women.

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